Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is hugely important to all of our players, as lets you know how Tournament Gaming Limited (the “Company”, herein referred to as “us” or “we”) handle the information and data that you give to us, both when you register, sign in through a 3rd party platform or as you play, and what we use that data for. It’s important to note that by joining us, registering an account or signing in, you agree to this policy and consent to us using your data for potentially all means as detailed in this policy. By registering, making any financial transactions, browsing (the “Website”, herein referred to as the ‘Site’) and making use of our services, you provide us with data which can be used for marketing, be it emails sent by us or providing information on third party services which we feel may be of benefit to you, and of course to help us provide a better service on the Site. Due to its uniquely funded nature, marketing is almost a certainty on the Site, therefore if you are unhappy with us using your Data for such purposes, we advise you to not play, register or to close your account immediately. Likewise, if you do not agree with any of the terms in this Privacy Policy, we recommend you avoid playing at

So what information do you need and collect?

We only collect essential information from you. This information, also referred to as data, mainly helps us provide a better playing experience, but we also need some of it for legal purposes. Depending on how you registered with us, we collect some of, or all of the following from every player:

  • Your personal information, including but not limited to your full name, Steam ID, Facebook profile details, date of birth, contact numbers, household address, email address and registered username (for instances where a username may be held under trademark, you agree to allow us to publish and market using this trademark).
  • Information on your visits to the Website, including but not limited to, your current location, system information and traffic history (standard data collected in cookies).
  • Your responses to any survey that we may undertake, should you choose to take part.
  • Full, detailed records on any transaction that you may process via the Website, telephone, chat session or email.
  • Full and detailed records of any correspondence that you may have with us. This information can be collected through any means we deem necessary to provide an exceptional service to you.

  • A lot of this information is required by law, under the data protection act and as such, is essential to us as a business. However, we do use some of this information for marketing and service purposes, such as:
  • Help speed up the processing of winning payments to you
  • Speed up your playing experience on Site by understanding your preferred games and previous selections
  • Ensure we provide a smooth and helpful support experience whenever required
  • Carry out targeted customer analysis to help us build a better service
  • Provide you with special offers that help fund the continued development and operation of the Website
  • Monitor any financial transactions to prevent fraudulent activity on the Website
  • We take data protection very seriously. We will always do our best to ensure that your personal information is stored securely and well within the guidelines provided by the Data Protection Act. We only disclose certain elements of your information to closely associated partners or subsidiaries of the Company. Key word here is disclosure - no 3rd party will ever receive your data in sufficient quantities that they may conduct unsolicited campaigns to you without our prior approval. Any business partners, successors to or suppliers with whom we employ will ever be provided access to the stored information that we hold on you.

    One exception to this rule is law enforcement. We may disclose your personal information to law enforcement agencies, provided sufficient warrants for such material are provided. For the purposes of Anti money laundering and the prevention of Fraud, references may be made to both legal authorities as well as financial institutions to help us comply with our legal and regulatory duties. Additional security checks may be required in some cases.

    Contact from us

    Any telephone calls, emails, live chat sessions, social media messages or other medium made to the team at are recorded for quality control and training purposes. These recordings are safely stored and may be accessed by approved staff members. These recordings may also be used in the event of any dispute.

    Cookies Policy

    We use cookies on our Website and they are essential to the correct operation. We comply with any and all legal requirements relating to the use of cookies.

    Your Rights

    You entitled to request details of the information that we hold on you, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Any request to view such information will be subject to an administration fee of £20 (or currency equivalent) plus any additional security, postage and exchange rate fees.

    Changes to this Privacy Policy

    You accept as a player that we are entitled to update and make retrospective changes to this policy at any time. Where you are affected by any changes, irrespective of loss to you, we cannot be held accountable in any way. We agree to only make such changes where absolutely necessary to comply with relevant laws, or to protect the business from unnecessary loss or damages. We are not obliged to ensure you are informed of such updates, so we recommend that you periodically check this policy at least once per month.

    Direct Marketing

    Due to the unique nature of our Website, direct marketing, including but not limited to email campaigns, SMS, Social Media and Adverts supplied by 3rd parties is essential to maintain the operation of the service. We therefore do not allow any user to unsubscribe from these campaigns. Should you feel unhappy about this, we recommend you cease using our services and request your account be closed by contacting our support team.

    Information about us:

    Tournament Gaming Ltd
    C/O GLX Ltd, 69-75 Thorpe Road
    Norwich, UK. NR1 1UA

    Cookies Policy, like most websites uses Cookies. These Cookies store important information on your visits to our Website and help us understand better how you, as a user, like to use our services. Cookies are essential to the smooth operation of the Website and must be used. If you do not wish to accept Cookies from, please do not register with us and/or use the Website. If you have already registered and wish to prevent further use of your Cookies data, please do the following:

    1. Contact our support team at and request your account be closed with immediate effect.
    2. Clear your Cookies (for all time) in any web browser used to visit since its inception.